The central mission of the IABPAD is to enhance the profession by advancing the scholarship of business and public administration disciplines and enriching the professional development of its members. The IABPAD is also committed to helping Business and Public Administration research and education.
The IABPAD central mission is guided by the following objectives:

Develop and communicate high-quality research, practice and teaching of business and public administration disciplines.
Provide a supportive and dynamic environment in which members from all institutional settings, societies, and cultures can share and learn from each other.
Encourage and respect multiple perspectives from members throughout the world in development and practice related to business and public administration disciplines.
Build cooperative relationships and networks with other associations and institutions committed to advancing the scholarship and practice of business and public administration.
Advocate and cultivate ethical and responsible behavior throughout all activities related to research, teaching, and practice.

The IABPAD Membership is an invaluable professional asset. Whether you are a researcher, teacher, or student in an academic setting or a practitioner in a nonacademic environment with scholarly interests, the IABPAD provides information, education, and publications that contribute to your professional development and enrich your collegial network. We are dedicated to providing quality journals, speed of publication , and flexibility to our members.
Top Membership Benefits are:
1. Excellent meetings in affordable and excellent locations
2. Available opportunities for excellent professional development at all meetings
3. Opportunities to be a member of a leading academic and professional
4. Numerous opportunities for professional interaction, involvement, and
5. Unique exposure to both Business and Public Administration disciplines
6. Your choice of subscription to one journal from the seven IABPAD affiliated journals. Additional issues from the other journals at $25 an issue ($45 for international membership).
7. Annual membership certificate

Contact Information:

P. O. Box 259
Ruston, LA 71273
Phone: 318-255-1491
Fax: 318-255-9415